Twitch Streams

I am a streamer who uses Twitch as my streaming platform, until I am able to get a gaming computer. I will set my schedule up here each month so people who come here can see my schedule for stream.

I started streaming in June of 2020, I always played video games and I am a social butterfly who likes to make people laugh. So with the pandemic just starting, I needed a way to interact with other people. Streaming started out as just a way to make new friends and people to play with, slowly I started getting followers then a few months later I was able to get the views to become an affiliate. Now that I am affiliate I want to try to make a career out of this.

Anything that I receive from streams will go right back into stream until I start making a profit. All the money from donations, subs and bits will be used first and foremost for the stream. After stream has been taken care, I am hoping to make profit so I can do giveaways and provide for my girls!

Here is my Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/jubey319

Here is my link for donations through StreamElements: https://streamelements.com/jubey319/tip