Who is Jim Malliard? What is The Malliard Report

Jim Malliard is an accomplished podcaster, speaker, and community activist. Jim works to capture stories that help us understand why things the way they are or why the person is who they are. Then, he got into the paranormal, which pushed him out of his safe place, tested everything he believed to that point. So now he hosts The Malliard Report which allows him to learn from the world’s best.

The Malliard Report is a weekly interview-based podcast, which has recently added during the pandemic a monthly live call show to foster the growth of a changing community. A live radio show that ventures into the mysteries of life as well as daily hot topics from both the political and business worlds. Never afraid to ask the tough question, Malliard’s interview-based radio show features real-time interactions with his guests and listeners. Stripped of rigid show formalities, and unafraid to hit controversies head-on, The Malliard Report features something for everyone.

Layered by adventure, Jim is known to be outside either golfing and enjoying nature.

His visionary perspective has earned him the opportunity to interview talented and wonderful people like George Noory, Jesse Ventura, Roger Stone, Lolly Daskal, and James Fitzgerald.

Through social media, Jim strives to share his vision and to inspire people. Malliard has established himself as a global leader in podcasting and media personality.

He is the happiest with his family in his hometown Franklin, PA, or deep in the heart of the oil region of Pennsylvania.

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When is The Malliard Report?

Live Tuesday 9pm Eastern

On-demand podcasts here or most major podcast sites and apps.

Where do I listen to the live report?

Join the duck pond interactive chat. Malliard.com/live

Why do I Listen to The Malliard Report?

Very simple and very effective. Show reviews help fans to determine whether to spend time listening to the show. Time is valuable and often word of mouth is the best way to attract new listeners to the show. Gathering honest reviews from current listeners helps The Malliard Report to be noticed by future sponsors as well as syndication networks. Even negative reviews are welcome to identify current listener preferences as well as future show topics.

The Bottom Line: Listener reviews are vital to helping keep The Malliard Report current and competitive within the radio talk landscape.

“I’ve been interviewed by a wide range of journalists and media personalities, from local newspapers to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. None of those interviewers were as well-prepared as Jim Malliard. It was a real pleasure doing his show. He made me feel comfortable from the get-go. I even learned a few things I hadn’t known before.” Jim Defelice Co-Author of “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History”

“Jim Malliard is fair, concise and honest. I can’t ask for much more in an interview.” George Noory – Host of Coast To Coast AM

“Phenomenal interview. Thank you!” Eugene’ Nick Dinsmore – former WWE superstar

“Thank YOU, Jim! I very much appreciate you having me on The Malliard Report.” Jack Brewer http://www.ufotrail.blogspot.com/

“Some books have ghostwriters.  Some radio shows, such as Jim Malliard’s show, have ghost riders; guests who are expressing elusive phenomena.  Some of the phenomena actually subsist in reality.  Where are you going to hear about these phenomena?  One place is Jim’s show on The Malliard Report.” Bill Sweet, author A Journey into Prayer: Pioneers of Prayer in the Lab and a former president of www.SpindriftResearch.org

“Had a great interview with Jim Malliard. Enjoy” David Paulides – author of Missing 411

“So, you want to know what’s really going on in the world? Try tuning in to The Malliard Report where straight talk carries the story.”
Jim Marrs journalist and New York Times Best Selling author

“A shoutout here to one of my favorite interviewers on one of my favorite podcasts. Yes, that would be Jim Malliard and the Malliard Report. It’s always an interesting topic being discussed with an interesting guest. Check it out and you may even hear me again one of these days.”James R. Fitzgerald, MS Supervisory Special Agent, FBI (Ret.) Forensic linguist, profiler, consultant, and author of A Journey to the Center of the Mind -Books I, II, and III