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New to streaming, but a long time gamer and founder of Spartan Gaming. Being a father is my favorite thing in the world but gaming goes hand and hand with that. I am currently an educator as my primary job. I hold a bachelor’s degree in communications and a masters degree in education. Along with our co-founder and my right hand guy Yukondokne we look to grow a competitive Esports team to rival others. When it comes to gaming I am mostly a mobile gamer (Brawl Stars, and League of legends mobile) but I do play rocket league, apex legends and other pc titles but my main is brawl stars currently.

Yukondokne (You-Kon-Dough-Knee; Yukke for short)


Better Luck Next Time. that’s what it means. From FPS to hardcore MMO, each match, its success, or better luck next time. Determination, patience, and adaptation are the skills Yukke brings to everything he does. from his days as a pro-Quake player in the late 90’s to one of the best Druids in World of Warcraft the first 6 years the game was out, he now sets his sights on hardcore MMO style games for the challenge and rewards, and competitive MOBA games for that REAL challenge. all while remaining positive and non-toxic. if we dont win this round, better luck next time!



Hi! I’m Becca and welcome to me swamp! I stream Study/Productive and a variety of games. I love rpg, survival, and mobile games when I’m not talking. Come stop on in to see what this is all about!

Christ Follower//Husband//Father//Student Pastor//Variety Streamer

Professor Helix

Christ Follower//Husband//Father//Student Pastor//Variety Streamer


I began my long adventure of gaming back in Nintendo days then moved on to super Nintendo where I just really enjoyed the escape, eventually after a few more systems they had created online play so then I started making friends some I’ve known for 12 plus years. I met others last week, I get to know people from all over the world and learn different things from everyone. I’m not the best gamer but not the worse either I fell in love with all my friends in black ops 1 we would destroy lobbies, that carried on to black ops 2 and onward. I still love fps games I seem to excel at them. I do play lots of other games to, I play golf with friends sometimes or other relaxing games to just have fun. I do tend to have a few adult beverages while I stream and game play goes down so Its always nice having a team. Mainly I game for the pleasure of gaming. When I was younger I always wanted to make money from gaming as I love to game so one day I became an admin for a tournament company for warzone, so I started doing tournaments, which I was required to stream them so then I started streaming and have sense just kept streaming all sorts of things, I have created a following so I keep grinding in hopes of one day maybe making partner.


Heyy Everyone ❣️ I’m Redsparrow Twitch Affiliate and Content Creator. friends call me Red for short. I’m 24 based out of 🅾️hi🅾️! My birthday is July 7th. I work full time and I’m in school for information systems and cyber security. I’m studying Japanese on the side as well. こんにちわ私の名前はジアです。 I have a 4 year old black lab named Onyx. He’s a big boy lol I love playing Apex Legends and other games. I just recently got into fortnite and that’s been pretty cool too! Any questions you have I’ll be happy to answer! Hope you enjoy the streams! I’d love to see your digital face sometime❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Bio: Hi guys! My Name is Rodsplayz and Im a variety streamer playing Overwatch 2, Rockband 4, Nba 2k23 and so much more. I am 24 years old coming out of the west coast and my mission is to not only bring you content you can enjoy but to just have a good time chatting and meeting every single one of you. My favorite hobbies are gaming, pc building, bowling, and anime watching. Hope to see you soon and as always stay positive :D!

Hey Im Fudge13oy u can Call me Cris. Live in Las Vegas,NV. Gamer , Streamer, and Gym Rat . My Goal When I stream is to Make you feel like Your Playing with Your Friends Cracking Jokes and Having Fun . Come hang out with Me As I Break out of my Shyness and Get Better At Games

Just a young man trying to make it in this streaming game. Content creator for Spartan Gaming. I play Valorant, Brawl Stars and many other games. Stop by one day and check me out. Thanks friends.