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Follow My Stream is a website hosted by the Noname Nerd that allows streamers of all sizes the freedom to network and promote their streams! We also provide FREE WordPress hosting to streamers and gamers. Drop your stream link below for added exposure and, if you are interested in grabbing a FREE WordPress site, head to https://freesite.nonamenerd.com/ to apply.

What is the Noname Nerd?

In short, we are a company that specializes in selling custom gaming jerseys. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. We are also a company that believes that the collective action of small streamers, gamers, and content creators can change that world. We live in a society that allows us all to be the stars of our own stories, the artists of our own films, the creators of our own communities. This is a world where no one needs to be left out, picked last, or excluded. Working together, we are trying to build a more welcoming, inclusive, and positive digital community for everyone. If that sounds like you, head to www.nerdsbelonghere.com and join us.