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Yo Nerd Tribe! It is me, Gatorceri; Ruler of the Swamp here. How is everyone doing? If you don't know I am a Twitch streamer that does random game streams base of the day and time I am streaming. I am Twitch and Noname Nerd affiliate as well. My normal schedule is as follows:


Monday: 10am-12pm EST Random game of my choose.

Monday: 630pm EST Borderlands with Eddmos and some times two other friends.

Tuesday: 1030am EST GTA V with friends.

Thursday: 8-10am EST Minecraft (So that my UK Followers can watch what they know me for.)

Saturday: 630pm EST Among Us with eddmos and what ever friends I can get.


If you want to watch the fun be sure to be following me on my Twitch: